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Keylogger Software captures all keyboard typed keystrokes. PC monitoring program records activities performed on computer system including chat messages, typed URLs, visited website etc. Software runs in Standard or Hidden mode on major Windows Operating System including 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP (all editions) and VISTA.

Key logger program provide facility to send encrypted log files to user specified email address. With the keylogger you can receive keystrokes including typed document in word, excel and access list, online chat and for stealth monitoring of your spouse, friends activities etc.


After specifying all the parameters of General Settings, Click on “Apply” button to apply the settings.

Price :
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Software Features :
Monitors external user typed keystrokes activities including emails, chat sessions, instant messages, typed URL’s list and other related document files.
Easily search and navigate through logs for various dates.
Keylogger undetected on Start menu, Desktop, Add/Remove program and even hide in program folders.
Software overrides all major anti-key loggers programs.
Password protected interface, only system owner is allowed to change software configuration setting.
Generate report of recorded data in txt and html file formats.
Provide facility to set hot key and run command to access application if running in hidden mode.
Allow user to view each input keystrokes or only printing keystrokes as per user requirement.

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