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Bulk SMS Software - Professional

Bulk SMS Software - Professional allows you to send SMS from your computer. If you are a Windows Mobile Phone or any GSM Phone user, you can simply use the software to compose and send sms from your PC.

Text Messaging Software provides solution to compose and send text sms to single or group from your PC without requiring any internet connection. Software supports GSM and Windows based phone devices to broadcast sms at national and international mobile networks.

Bulk SMS Software - Professional

Select any mobile device type among GSM, Android and Windows.

Why Text Messaging Software:
Allows you to send group sms to your family, friends and employees.
Saves your precious time when logging into the website.
Convenient to use, send thousands of sms easily from your computer.
Support variety of Mobile Phone brands including Samsung, HTC, HP, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola etc.

Software Features :
Supports all major Windows based Pocket PC/PDA or GSM mobile phones.
Advance delay delivery option to minimize load of sms.
Prevent number redundancy while sending the sms.
Save sent items details to view in future.

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