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Backlink Checker Utility

Backlink Checker utility easily finds website backlink status on your various partners website. Link finder software provides facility to send alert notification to the user email ID if user’s advertiser website link is not found on the publisher site or error message “Page cannot be displayed” is displayed while accessing website.

Link finder tool securely checks the website link status and generates report in HTML or TXT file format for future reference. Link Checker Software helps users to find links including reciprocal advertiser website link, java script link, direct link or other link on publisher’s website link etc easily.

Backlink Checker Utility

Backlink Checker Utility

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Software Features :
Link Analyzer Utility assists users 24x7 for checking website backlink status.
Helps in evaluating advertiser website popularity on the World Wide Web.
Software checks and helps you to maintain status of website backlinks.
Provides email alert notification about the website if advertiser website backlink is unavailable or removed.
Software generates detailed backlink status report in HTML or TXT file format.

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