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Advanced Keylogger

Advance Keylogger is secretly records all typed keystrokes, clipboard content, application activities, voice chat conversations and captures windows screenshot at regular interval of time. With the help of Keylogger tool you can easily monitor all your family members, employees or any guest computer activities in your absence.

Advance Keylogger program saves all captured information in encrypted log file with option to send the log file to user specified email address or upload log file via FTP setting for accessing log from any remote location. Invisible key logger program works in Standard or Hidden mode, bypasses anti-virus software, and is non-detectable on user computer system.

Advanced Keylogger

Click on "Reports" as shown in left panel and specify all the parameters. Now click on "Create and View Report".

Price :
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Software Features :
Keystroke recorder software is invisible on system start-up, start menu, task manager, add remove program list etc.
Unauthorized users cannot access the password protected Key logger utility.
Provide facility to generate reports of recorded data in txt and html file formats in an accurate way.
Provide facility to set hot key and run command to access application if running in hidden mode.
Provide facility to view backup of recorded data for future reference.
Traces all internet activities including instant messages, visited website, temp files, cookies etc.
Software assists users to detect what your children, family, employees or any guest users do on your computer in your absence.
Send encrypted log file to user predefined email address or upload via FTP setting.

Keylogger monitors activities including:
Typed keystrokes, Search engine searches.
Clipboard activities, Voice chat conversation.
System application activities.
Capture Windows screenshots, Startup time and time setting of system.

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