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Secure Data Wiper

Secure data wiper is an advanced security tool which permanently wipes and removes private data record from hard disk drive and removable storage media to safeguard the computer privacy. When files or folders are deleted, it goes to recycle bin. Emptying recycle bin does not delete it permanently instead the name of the file is removed from the disk's index, but the data still remains on the disk. Data wiping software ensure total files elimination that can’t be recovered even by any Laptop recovery software.

Disk cleaning program irreversibly deletes records in destructive and non-destructive wiping modes. Non-destructive mode wipes offline and online internet activities such as history, cookies, typed URL, cache internet files, completely eradicates passwords, recently deleted documents list etc. Disk sanitization software eliminates deleted system files including clipboard contents, system registry traces, network folders and Windows event log. Destructive mode wipes deleted and undeleted (saved or unsaved) data from the disk partition space using various disk erasing algorithms.

Secure Data Wiper

Secure Data Wiper

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Software Features :
Wipes entire hard disk drive in destructive wiping mode for OS reinstallation and better system performance.
Delete private records of internet explorer such as temporary files, typed URL, history, cookies to free up your disk space.
Wipe unused clusters which are not currently linked to any file system.
Secure data wiper support temporary files: log files, memory dump files and old data files.
Wipe multiple files and directories completely.
Support removable media including pen drive, memory card and other USB storage devices.

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