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Database Converter Software - MS SQL to MySQL Screenshots

Select Table attributes

Now select the table attributes that you want to convert including table definitions, views, stored procedure. You also have an option to skip converting indexes. Click next to proceed.

Database selection

Select your database with schema from the left panel and corresponding tables from right panel. Write name for your destination database.
Note: There are two ways to select schema – Automatic and Manual. In case of Automatic Schema selection all schemas are selected by default.

Schema selection

Above screenshot displays manual schema selection (e.g. - Production) and all tables of Production schema are displayed in the right panel. After selection of table attributes, click on “Convert” button.

Select Views

If you want to convert views from the list, add them by clicking on add button, then click on confirm button to proceed.

Conversion Process

Above screen displays progress bar for MS SQL to MySQL Table conversion.

Confirmation message

After completion of MS SQL to MySQL Conversion, a message will be open to confirm – “MS SQL to MySQL Conversion completed successfully.”

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